Blend (BLND) FAQ and Docs
This space will guide you through the recently asked questions about Blend by StakerDAO and connect you to our Github/APIs.

For an expanded FAQ, please visit the Blend Documentation FAQ

How was the Blend Basket constructed?

After community discussion, our Ops team proposed the "Blend Methodology" to decide which assets qualify for the Blend Basket.
More information about the Blend Basket and the Blend Methodology is available on the Blend website for qualified participants.

Where can I purchase the BLND token?

Blend is not available for "U.S. Persons", if eligible you can visit the Blend site to learn more about purchasing BLND.

What is the Blend Dashboard?

Since BLND represents a collateralized basket of PoS assets, there is a fluctuating NAV (Net Asset Value) associated with it. To make sure our community is in line with the price of BLND we created a dashboard to show a live representation of the BLND NAV.
The Blend dashboard includes:
  1. 1.
  • Summary of Total AUM (USD), Blend NAV (USD), and Blend Supply.
  • Basket breakup into the 3 tokens with the USD amount per token.
  • Addresses of wallets and delegations to validators
2. Earnings
  • Rewards (USD)
  • Rewards (Blend)
3. Burn and Buyback Auctions

Is there an API for BLND NAV (Net Asset Value)?

Coming soon! We are working on an API for the BLND NAV that can be shared on DEXs, Wallets, dApps, websites etc.

This notice does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. BLND is not offered and may not be sold to or for the benefit of any “U.S. person” as that term is defined under U.S. securities law. If you are a U.S. person you may not purchase BLND.
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