StakerDAO FAQ and Docs

This space will guide you through the recently asked questions about StakerDAO and connect you to our Github/APIs.

How can I participate in StakerDAO dicussions and product ideation?

Discussions about new products happen across our social media channels, but the majority occur through the Forum and Telegram.

Before ideas turn into proposals, they are shared for discussion on the forum by the StakerDAO Ops team or by a community member. We welcome you to join and take part in shaping the future of decentralized finance!

How does the StakerDAO governance work?

Our token holders make decisions about StakerDAO through the elected council. Actions taken by StakerDAO are transparent and managed on the Tezos blockchain. Everyone can see the results of every proposal submitted and every vote our council has made on the StakerDAO Governance site.

Staker Agora

We created Staker Agora, a transparent month-long governance cycle where new proposals are presented, discussed, voted on, and implemented. It is a month-long process with four phases:

  • PHASE 1: Proposal Submission (DAYS 1-7) - Staker Ops Team posts a proposal on Staker Agora.

  • PHASE 2: Evaluation (DAYS 8 – 14)- Discussion and evaluation of proposal on the Staker Agora discussion forum.

  • PHASE 3: Voting (DAYS 15 – 21) The Staker Council members vote on the proposal. A quorum is required to pass a proposal with a simple majority of votes.

  • PHASE 4: Implementation (DAYS 22 – 28) - If approved, the Staker Ops Team executes the proposal.

The proposals are informally discussed among the STKR token holders, community, council, and ops team on our forum before proposals are submitted to the council.

Can I learn more about StakerDAO's Governance Contracts?

We are happy to share our Token Architecture the the Serokell team created with us. Please click on the link below to access the Github that includes the Gov Contracts.

You can also review the StakerDAO Governance website contracts: