Staker (STKR) Farms

This space will guide you through the recently asked questions about Staker Farms and connect you to the relevant links, and Github/APIs.


How to Farm Staker (STKR) with wXTZ and ETH

Note: The ETH/wXTZ farm will end around April 18th.

Getting Set Up

First things first, if you already have both wXTZ and ETH on Ethereum, please skip to step 4. If you already provided liquidity for the pair on Uniswap, please skip to step 7. Otherwise, keep on reading!

Step 1: If you have not yet minted wXTZ, please see this guide: How to mint, send, and manage Wrapped Tezos (wXTZ) within Galleon. You will want to mint wXTZ within Galleon, send it to your Temple wallet and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Now that you have your wXTZ in your Temple wallet, please see this guide to move wXTZ from Tezos to Ethereum. How to Bridge from Tezos to Ethereum.

Step 3: Great! Now you have wXTZ on Ethereum and if your wallet holds ETH already, you’re ready to provide liquidity on Uniswap.

Providing Liquidity

Step 4: Head over to Uniswap, specifically the ETH:wXTZ pair liquidity pool. Here is a direct link to the pool:

Step 5: Connect your wallet and decide how much wXTZ or ETH you want to add. The other pair will automatically populate with the amount. For example, in the image above, for every 1 ETH you add, you will need 427 wXTZ.

Note: Make sure you’re using the right wXTZ contract. You can double check by looking at the token contract address:


Step 6: Click on Supply when you’re ready and confirm the transaction within MetaMask. Once it confirms, you will have LP tokens representing your liquidity! In case you can’t view it in MetaMask, please add it as a custom address:


Note: You can always go to: and connect your wallet to manage your LP position. At some point, you may want to add more liquidity or remove it.

Step 7: Now that you have your LP tokens, we’re onto the final part, please go to:


Step 8: Connect your wallet first! Next, in the “Enter an amount to stake or unstake”, paste the value of LP tokens you have. You can find this number in your MetaMask wallet.

Note: The token balance will appear to be very small. Likely .000001xxx. This is expected and is how Uniswap manages their pool balances.

Step 9: Click on “Stake”. You will have to confirm two transactions, one to approve the use of your LP tokens and one to stake the LP tokens.

Step 10: Now your LP tokens are staked, congrats! As time passes by, you will see the value of your “Unclaimed STKR in Pool” rise. You may have to refresh the page and reconnect your wallet to see the changing values. At any point in time, you can claim the STKR tokens using “Claim”.

Step 11: If you want to stop staking, you can copy the value from “Staked ETH/wXTZ Uniswap LP Tokens”, paste it into the amount box and click “Unstake”.

Step 12: We won’t go through the entire process, but hopefully, you’re comfortable enough to use your LP tokens to remove the liquidity you provided on Uniswap, bridge back to Tezos and unlock your XTZ. Of course, you don’t have to do this. Remember, that outside of STKR tokens you are rewarded, you also share in 0.30% of transaction fees for providing liquidity on Uniswap.

Good luck and surf on over to our Discord if you have any questions.