STKR (Staker) FAQ and Docs

This space will guide you through the recently asked questions about StakerDAO and connect you to our Github/APIs.

What is STKR?

STKR is the community-owned token used to govern StakerDAO. STKR is used by community members to submit proposals to the DAO and to vote on those proposals. Proposals cover all aspects of how the DAO works including:

  • Adjusting fees associated with the usage of StakerDAO products (wXTZ, wALGO, BLND, STKR)

  • Specifying and funding new projects to be built by community specified teams.

  • Spending funds for any contribution or related expense from the StakerDAO Treasury

How can I participate in StakerDAO discussions and product ideation?

Discussions about new products happen across our social media channels, but the majority occur through the Forum and Discord.

Before ideas turn into proposals, they are shared for discussion on the forum by the community. We welcome you to join and take part in shaping the future of decentralized finance!

How does the StakerDAO governance work?

StakerDAO is a governance protocol run by a community of blockchain and finance enthusiasts who make governance decisions for building cross-chain, decentralized financial assets in a compliant manner. STKR is the community-owned token used to govern StakerDAO.

1. Ideas for new products or changes to existing products originate in the StakerDAO forums.

2. The StakerDAO ecosystem includes three main elements - Staker Advisory, STKR token holder Community, and Staker Development Teams. STKR is the community-owned governance token used to govern StakerDAO.

3. All STKR (Staker) token holders can vote on proposals. Proposals that reach a quorum of yes votes are approved.

4. Approved proposals are built and deployed by incentivized community members.

5. The StakerDAO products are used on-chain and may connect across chains with the StakerBridge Protocol.

6. The community decides how it uses STKR (Staker) tokens in its treasury to support the entire process of building, operating, and governing StakerDAO.

STKR Tokenomics and Characteristics

STKR was initially distributed on both Ethereum and Tezos at launch. These tokens are equivalent in the usage of governance and can be moved back and forth between these chains via StakerBridge.

  • Total supply 300,000,000 STKR as ERC20 and as an FA 1.2.

  • Staker Governance process is available for proposal submission and voting via connected wallet on both Ethereum and Tezos. 1% of circulating STKR is required to submit a proposal. 4% of circulating STKR is required for quorum, with a simple majority approving proposals.

Token Distribution


Percentage of total supply

# of STKR

Unlocking schedule

Blend Minters



100% Unlocked at launch

wXTZ Vault Creators



100% Unlocked at launch

Edo Promotion voters



100% Unlocked at launch

Community Treasury



20% unlocked at launch and then 1/24th per month for 24 months




20% unlocked at launch and then 1/24th per month for 24 months




20% unlocked at launch and then 1/24th per month for 24 months

Staker Services Treasury



20% unlocked at launch and then 1/24th per month for 24 months




60,000,000 unlocked circulating supply at launch.

At launch, the circulating supply was 60,000,000 STKR, to learn more about the launch distribution please read the STKR launch announcement Medium post.

Opportunities for the community to receive STKR tokens

Upon Token Generation Event (TGE), the Community Allocation of STKR tokens has begun with a retrospective airdrop. In addition to this retrospective distribution to the community, there are a number of other ways to receive STKR so that you can participate in the governance of StakerDAO.

  • Participate in the STKR (Staker) Farms, where users can stake certain LP tokens from specific StakerDAO product pairs. Farms can be launched based on community approval. Join our Discord to discuss this opportunity including launching farms on Tezos!

  • Earn STKR tokens by participating in community governance and completing community tasks. The treasury is yours, become trustworthy custodians of it by participation. Join our Discord to learn more.

How to vote for a proposal

Step 1: First, navigate to our governance page:

Step 2: Find the “Active” proposal and click on it. Feel free to read through the proposal and the accompanying links before you make your decision.

Step 3: Make sure your wallet is connected in the upper right corner. You can vote from MetaMask or Temple. Note: Unfortunately, Taquito has a known error where a user cannot vote through Temple using a Ledger.

Step 4: Click on “Yes” or “No” to cast your vote. Your wallet will pop up to confirm and “Sign”.

Step 5: And that’s all! Thank you for your participation! Your screen should show a thumbs up if you voted "Yes".

STKR (Staker) Farms

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